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elisabeth engemann

elisabeth engemann

- 1967 born in winterberg

- married since 1993

- mother of one daughter

- individual paintings since 2000

- living and working in berlin / germany

- painting without conventions

- financial times germany as partner within the project SITZKUNST



- the hotel of my parents / my sister in winterberg

the hotel of my parents / my sister



more artists of my family:

painting of chris brookes

- painting by uncle chris brookes (uk)

(copied by permission after a picture by yvonne bell: )


- building burned down in 1791

- painting studio of mercedes engemann (died in 1981)

- nowadays coffeehouse of winterberg for art and culture

- my first exhibition in 2001 (further more in 2004)

kaffeehaus winterberg


- hier können sie mir schreiben -

please feel free

to get in contact with me

- hier können sie mir schreiben -


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